I Tried Cleansing My Lymph Nodes For A Month: Here's What Happened

Four or 5 years in the past, dry brushing cropped up as a pure magnificence supertrend touting a number of advantages: accelerated pores and skin cell turnover, elevated circulation, improved pores and skin texture, weight reduction, de-bloating, fats redistribution, and maybe most significantly, it is a strategy to really assist your physique cleanse lymph. You needn’t inform me twice! I used to be satisfied it would be part of my routine eternally—it nearly sounded too good to be true.

And it was, to an extent. The precise brushing was invigorating, however I did not really feel the opposite advantages. Pondering this within the context of a latest yoga coaching the place ayurveda was being mentioned, I concluded it was as a consequence of my lack of consistency. So I made a decision to attempt an experiment (shocker): I dry brushed each single day for a full 30 days. After seeing what my muslin cloth might do to clean my complexion, dry brushing on the day by day should be nothing wanting a miracle pores and skin repair.

As with any real-life experiment, there have been a couple of caveats. I did not have my dry brush obtainable when touring or showering on the fitness center, so in these conditions I used the bristliest towel I might discover or a hairbrush. I attempted to recollect to brush earlier than showering because I hear that’s better, however I am not good. It occurred post-shower on a handful of days.

Why do folks dry brush?

I am personally fascinated by the lymphatic system. Lymph is the (completely underrated) circulatory system that works in tandem with our blood. We usually hear of it in a unfavorable manner, within the context of spreading most cancers or a tick chunk, nevertheless it’s all the time flowing by a wholesome system. Lymph is a transparent fluid that’s separate from blood however incorporates white blood cells and flows together with it. The lymphatic system is a separate sequence of vessels that cleans and transports lymph to totally different components of the physique, and the aim of dry brushing is to scooch the lymph alongside, stimulating the vessels to pump it towards the guts for filtering. When lymph flows freely, it’s stated to spice up our immunity and is an indication of fine well being. We’re really transferring our lymph round on a regular basis. Simply breathing strikes lymph, as does bouncing on a trampoline, laughing, and different kinds of train.

How to dry brush.

The principal rule is to be sure you’re brushing towards your coronary heart in all places besides your again. On the again, brush downward towards your kidneys and liver. The concept is to maneuver the lymph alongside to main organs just like the liver and coronary heart, the place will probably be detoxified, oxygenated, or in any other case rejuvenated. I like beginning with my interior toes and brushing in medium-pressure, quick, overlapping strokes up towards the core, transferring to the interior calves and particularly the interior thighs. For the stomach, I moved the comb in round motions each methods along with the upward movement. On days once I was feeling somewhat additional, I would do my scalp too.

At first, this felt nearly too tough—actually, it might flip crimson for a couple of minutes—nevertheless it was by no means uncomfortable for greater than a second. Plus, I acquired used to it.

Here’s what occurred after 30 days of dry brushing.

If I am being sincere, I nonetheless did not discover an enormous distinction! My cellulite hasn’t budged, my pores and skin texture stays the identical, I have not misplaced any weight, nor have I seen feeling any much less bloated. I will admit that a lot of the aforementioned advantages are inside and unrecognizable, so sure, it is doable that my lymph is cleaner and my physique’s detox pathways are higher supported. In truth, when a number of pals and colleagues fell ailing with abdomen flus and sore throats two weeks in the past, I escaped unscathed. Was it the dry brushing? I am maintaining the observe for at the least one other 30 days to search out out if I can keep away from the frequent chilly, too.

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